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A dashcam with excellent video quality, wifi, large viewing angle, G-sensor, lane assist, voice alerts and more.

The standard Vico-WF1 password for WIFI is: 87654321.
You can download the app via the Google Play Store.

Attention: order memory card separately. See Accessories.

Vicovation WF1 review

160° viewing angle

The Vico-WF1 dashboard camera features a lens with a 160° viewing angle. Thereby this dashcam records the complete viewing angle from within the vehicle.Vico large viewing angle

WDR + 3DNR image processing

With the new image processor of the Vicovation WF1, you can use the new WDR (wide dynamic range) technology. With 3DNR (3D-Noise Reduction), the quality of your videos improves impressively in a low light environment, and it will take care of an optimal contrast balance.

Build in Wi-Fi Antenna (802.11n), more settings via the App

Vico-WF1 comes with internal Wi-Fi. Download the free VicoViewer app for live preview, video playback, archiving, setup, and even sharing videos on Facebook or Youtube. The app is availiable at the Google Play store for Android systems and the Apple Store for iOS.

Compact one-key design with white LED indicator

Vico-WF1 has a one-key design. The key can be pressed shortly for a emergency recording. Whenever the key gets pressed for 2-3 seconds, the LDWS (de)activates. The white LED shows the current status of the device.

Every status is announced with voice reports

Vico-WF1 has a build in voice reporting system. Every status will be announced by voice, such as: recording, wifi connections, emergency recording, SD card status, LDWS status.

LDWS – Lane Departure Warning System

Vico-WF1 has a LDWS. There will be a voice announcements when the driver leaves the roadway. Press 2-3 seconds on the key to (de)activate this function. It can be activated at high speed.

Directly email emergency warning via a cloud service

Vico-WF1 can forward emergency emails via the cloud. When the device is connected with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, the Vico-WF1 will send a message to the email inbox provided for this function.

Designed for optimal heat draining

Vico-WF1 has a unique design which will drain the heat effectively from both bottom and the sides of the dashcam in a fluent motion.


H.264 compression, Blue-Ray quality

With the H.264 compression chipset, the dashcam video quality will vastly improve, resulting in quality similar to Blue-Ray. You will have stunning details every second of the video.


FULL HD: details, details, details

With Full HD videos you have every detail imagineable at your disposal.


New Generation CMOS Sensor, better video quality

The Vico-WF1 dashcam is equipped with the new 3 Mega pixels CMOS sensor, this ensures that you will always have excellent recordings.


Seamless dashcam recordings

Every moment is recorded, even when switching to a new file for continued recording (every 5 minutes). Thanks to the qualitative and good performing chipset, you won't miss a second.


Put your own name on the recordings

With the Vico Tag you can personalise all your videos; you can put your nickname / name on the records and can share them on Facebook and Youtube with easy.


'Emergency' key

You just saw something impressive you would like to keep? Prevent your video file from being overwritten by using the 'Emergency' key. The dashcam will save 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after pressing the key separately. These records can never be automatically overwritten.



With the built in G-sensor, when having a car crash, the dashcam will automatically file the recording as an 'emergency'. These records also can't be overwritten automatically.


Vico-WF1 Dashcam in action

Data sheet

Viewing angle
Recording format
Maximal memory
microSD 32 GB
Adapter sigarettenaansteker
Parking mode

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