Who uses a dashcam?

Many parties will benefit from having a dashcam. It facilitates the work of law enforcement, emergency services and insurers and thereby benefits the dashcam owner by making his life easier and cheaper!

A dashcam for everybody

A dashcam is primarily used for evidence in case of an accident, as an eyewitness on the road. You can easily install it and then you can just forget about it. The dashcam will record everything and turns on (and off) automatically when you turn on (and off) the car.

A dashcam for motorriders

Dashcam on motor provides beautiful video

Motorriders are regularly blamed when a crash or another accident happens, often unfairly. Your dashcam will record the real facts!

Moreover you will have beautiful, panoramic videos of your trips.

A dashcam for truckers

Nobody spends more hours on the road than our truck drivers. Dashcam view from truckUnfortunately a lot of useful and beautiful videos are lost and the stories can only be retold by the enthousiastic truck driver himself.

Make a change today and buy a dashcam to record all these events.

  • Recording trips
  • Reckless driving
  • Accidents

A dashcam for caravans, mobile homes, RVs

Dashcams can also be used for filming the outside and inside of your RV. Besides accidents and vandalism you can also record theft.

A dashcam for car fleet owners

Install dashcams in your car fleet and find out how your vehicles are being treated by your personnel. You will always have video evidence whenever an accident happens or when the car is damaged by third parties.

A dashcam for driving schools

Dashcam in the driving schoolUse videos as a learning tool and confront students with the recordings. Take advantage of the fact you offer this extra service.

A dashcam for taxis

Secure your vehicle against malicious intents and defaulters. The camera will record everything for you.

A dashcam for your boat / yacht

Place a dashcam on your vessel as a precaution against collisions.

Extra tip: Record your vaction or make spectacular videos of jet skiing or water skiing. Put your videos on Youtube and place them on the map of CarcamVideos.eu.

The possibilities are endless! Order your dashcam right now.