Why a dashcam?

  1. Accidents - evidence for insurance

    Dashcam video evidence speeds up police investigation When an accident happens you will have indisputable proof. The facts will be on the SD card, provided with each dashcam.

    When an accident takes place, often discussions occur about how it happened. The dashcam videos are able to provide answers and facts. Police and insurance companies will use recordings and will often encourage the use of a dashcam.

  2. Witness at questionable events

    Insurance problems solved with dashcam evidenceDid the police say you ran a red light? Use your carcam as evidence to prove that it was yellow. Did the another driver forget to yield, but there are no witnesses? Your Dashcam is your best friend and records it all.

  3. Record road rage

    A dashcam will make justice prevail faster when you are the victim of road rage.

  4. Record various events on the road

    Is something special going on, on the road? Send us your film and win one of the many different prizes. It's great to have everything on tape and be able to share it with friends, family and even the rest of the world. View the video beneath of customers who already submitted their recordings.

In Russia and Asian countries dashcams have been established as a normal device in your car. That's why you find lots of different dashcam montages on the web from these countries.

For whom are dashcams interesting?