Safe payment options

At this moment we support the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer Belgium; (ING Home Pay, Belfius DirectNet, KBC Online / CBC Online)
    Payment via ING bankPayment via Belfius bank Payment via KBC bank Payment via CBC bank

    When you use bank transfer, we will send the package as soon as we receive the payment. This usually takes about 3 days.
    Account: 103-0309890-43
    IBAN: BE66 1030 3098 9043
    Account holder: Action One bvba, Waterstraat 4, 8920 Langemark-Poelkapelle

  • PayPal
    Payment via PayPal
  • Cash - You can pay CASH if you want to collect the order personally. Please make an appointment in advance.
    Contact us so we can schedule your appointment.

Your privacy

Creditcard numbers, bank information and banklogins won't be filed at! We don't need this information as a webshop. You pay on your own bank website or PayPal account. You will not risk your private bank data. Only your personal information is used for processing your order(s) and private mailing (if you have agreed).

Direct banking (only in Belgium)

What is direct banking?

With direct banking you can safely and easily pay your purchases. Direct banking is based on internet banking. This means you can pay in your familiar internet payment environment, based on specific safity methods of your own bank. You will use the same tools as with online banking. The payment will directly be send to our account. It's a bit like a bankcontact-paynment. Direct banking is supported in Belgium by the following banks: Belfius, KBC, ING, and CBC. Acces to online banking of the banks is sufficient to use direct banking.


Paypal is a very popular online payment option. A lot of people have a PayPal account, because this is free and handy. A PayPal account is activated within minutes. If you have a PayPal account, you can connect your Creditcard with your PayPal account. With this connection, you can tranfer an amount from your Creditcard to your PayPal account. After this you can tranfer from your PayPal to our PayPal account. A Paypal transfer is done within seconds and we will send your package immediately. We deliver from monday till friday. For more information view