Dashcam mandatory in the USA in 2014?

In the United States of America, they are thinking about equiping all new vehicles with a new dashcam starting in 2014. This isn't a far cry from an aircraft's blackbox, where all flight data gets stored.

Dashcam mandatory in the US in 2014

The car cam, better known as dashcam or dashboard camera, does the same thing as a plane's black box and on top of that it will function as an extra eyewitness. The compact dashcam records all events in traffic and this makes it a handy device in times of emergencies.

You might fall victim to vandalism, a hit-and-run, a traffic accident or unintentional damages. The recordings made by the onboard camera will provide excellent evidence. In many cases the black box will also capture the G-force of any impact, GPS coordinates, speed, data and time. Attention: cheapers models usually only offer video recordings. Browse the dashcam selection on our webshop for buying a dash cam that satisfies your specific expectations.

Benefits of a dashcam

Discussions after a crash will vanish off the face of the earth, because your videos will be hard evidence for insurance and police. Furthermore it is scientifically proved that you will be driving more consiously when having a camera in your vehicle. You will more quickly adjust your driving style to all kinds of traffic situations because of the presence of a dashboard camera. Your impact on road safety will be twofold!

With a compact traffic camera you will always have an extra eyewitness in your car. Elegant and discrete: the dashcam will be tucked away, behind your rearview mirror, but it delivers the hard facts whenever two drivers end up in an argument.

Dashcams in America - also in Europe?

The proposition of making dashcams mandatory in new vehicles is a good thing, that's clear. But it's not a new kind of technology. In Russia, Easten Europe and different Asian countries the dashcam has become so common, it is regarded as a perfectly normal thing to have in your car. Closer to home, in Great-Brittain, dashcams are standard in rental cars. Reasons for using a dashcam are obvious, as you can see in the next video: a woman acts as if she got run over by a car in order to get her greedy little hands on the insurance money.

Don't assume this doesn't happen in Europe! Don't wait any longer until European law decides to make car cameras mandatory and pick one of our dashcams that will certainly be most valuable to your car.